My name is Nathan Bond, I live in a small city called Morwell . Morwell is located roughly 100 kms South East of Melbourne. Melbourne is Located in Victoria. A state with the country Australia.

I have lived also in Mackay Queensland and Perth. Which is in Western Australia. For a short time. About 6 months I live on one of the Whitsunday Islands. Which is an island about 80 kms of the shore of the state Queensland Australia.

I have obtained many jobs through my life as a 37 year old male. Which include truck driving, hospitality, labouring, and ,more.

Right now I work as an affiliate marketer. A affiliate marketer is someone who refers a client/customer to a product or service. For doing this the affiliate will be rewarder in some way. Usually this is in the form of money. This money is the affiliates earnings/income.

I started affiliate marketing when I was about 14 years old. This would of been the year of about 1996.

I havent really started getting “serious” about affiliate marketing as I was always too busy to concentrate until 2020.

I have 2 daughters named Felicity Laine and Ella Mae.